Specialized Services for our Clients


360 degree Interative Tours


Imagine a 24 hour virtual open house. Showcasing your listing..advertising on social media...posting on the Multi List or other online sites..

Get an unfair advantage

With different price levels for every budget

Click on the photo to experience the tour.  Just use your mouse / glide path or smart phone to explore this home. 


Computer Aided Design Services

Perfect for developers and renovation projects.

Whether building from the stud up or showcasing different buyer's choices of finishes, our interior designers can map your project and add all the features of the finished product..well in advance of completion.

We proudly utilitize Chief Architect Software for much of this design process.


Virtual Staging. Designer Styled

Color scale, and placement. It's not about making a magazine cover. It's about telling a story. And that starts with market research. First identifying the most likely buyer, then fine - tuning their first impressions to drive foot traffic to your listing. 


Color Consultation

There's more to staging than towels and silk plants.

Color has the power to inoke emotions, lead you through a room, make you feel at home.  And the reverse is true. Poor color choices can make a home with great features seem cold and impersonal


Custom Scent Design

Scent can relax, bring back memories , whet your appetite. Men and women react differently to scent.  We skillfully create the home scent that is best suited to your best buyer profile.


Custom Art

Once the staging plan has been set, the prfect accessories are secured. The perfect art work to compliment the scene can not always be secured from specialty shops. When that happens our desgners put their skills to work, and create a one of a kind work of art for your home.